An aluminum structure

installed in less than 40 minutes!

Easy to assemble, the structure is composed of panels to be assembled with each other thanks to a aluminum profile. The interlocking is done without tools with an assembly in a few minutes.

Simply panels and structure made of aluminum!

Man carrying a panel for the installation of an inground pool Strut supporting the pool panel

Ed'line pool luxe, a range of aesthetic and innovative swimming pools with:

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Ease of installation

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The color of our anthracite gray offers a modern and design aspect to our swimming pools to offer a range in tune with the times.

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We want the Infinity Innovation brand to be associated with this guarantee of quality and durability, which are our priorities.

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Ease of installation

Our swimming pools are easy to install, without the necessity of a professional intervention, and avoid tedious organization on the part of your customers.

Aluminum panels/


Honeycomb panels
Aluminum Panels

The inground pools are made of aluminum / honeycomb panels, which fit together.

Derived from the technology used for the manufacture of aeronautical wings, the panels are characterized by their high resistance.

This technology takes its name from honeycombs because the structure is formed of hexagonal cells resembling that of swarms.

Thus, the pressure is distributed over the aluminum sheets giving excellent RIGIDITY, LIGHTNESS and STRENGTH.

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A complete swimming pool

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The swimming pool is accessorized with care.

Filtration, Liner, ladder, composite staircase and projector (optional).

Everything is made available to satisfy your customers.

See the complete kit

Made-to-measure pools

We offer different sizes of swimming pools.

Select your models from our wide choice of sizes or tell us about your project.

We adapt to the desires of our customers for tailor-made as well.

Each structural panel is identical, with a width of 1.30 m.

But we leave the choice of the height 1.20 m and 1.50 m to our customers.

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