A traditional swimming pool requires a very difficult implementation to master, which makes it a very expensive product.

The above ground pool in sheet metal, wood or pvc remains an ephemeral product.

We are between this big gap.

Our swimming pool is made up of panels fitted in the factory.

The copings, aluminum profiles and other accessories are adapted to the size of the panel.

Animated image showing the insertion of a coping to join two panels together
Animated image showing the assembly of the top part of an Infinity Innovation pool

We offer different standard sizes.

But let’s not forget the interest in making tailor-made products in order to adapt to the customer's wishes.

However, above ground pools are fully removable and adjustable without damaging them..

Easy to assemble, the structure is composed of panels to be assembled with each other thanks to an aluminum profile.

The interlocking is done without tools with an assembly in a few minutes.

Our team in the field !