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Our company

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Our story

Since its creation, our company has established itself on the European market with the greatest professional leaders in swimming pools thanks to our innovative concepts.

We are manufacturer and distributor, and have built a solid reputation mainly due to our assembly process worldwide unique.

Our design office has developed this technique, which is recognized today by experts in the profession, as being the one that brings innovation to the field of swimming pools.

30 years of experience

With our years of experience in the industrial development of swimming pool structures and accessories, our holding company houses multiple invention patents thanks to our development and innovation department.

Production takes place in 8 certified factories.

Dozens of molds ensure the industrialization of all our products and allow automated production.

All production teams are specifically trained on our products and their controls during manufacture.

Image of the panels used to assemble the pools Image of the coping pieces used to connect the panels of a pool
Image of the coping pieces used to connect the panels of a pool
Image of an ampoule containing pool water

Infinity Innovation is the innovation of today, for the world of tomorrow.